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Zvi Domb      6 days ago

Absolutely amazing. Mary Ricks!!

jeffrey bostock 2 weeks ago

It was quite good! It was quite a small crowd, young and older, some that were watchers and some that could dance quite well, new faces along with the regulars!

Clinton Collier 6 weeks ago

My favourite ballroom in Toronto. The people are very friendly and warm. Saturday nights are most popular; it's a very social dance crowd. The place is packed to the rafters, same with the tea dance on Wednesdays noon to 330pm. On Fridays and Sundays the dancing is more focussed, great for improvers and people who want to practice their dancing. There are line dancing lessons and other classes and events held throughout the week. It's a busy ballroom! Meals and 50/50 draws are served on Fri, Sat and Sun nights. The Westway Club is owned and managed by a board comprised of the dancèrs who use it...volunteers all! They do a wonderful job to the great benefit of those who visit. Highly recommended!

Gee Melling  8 weeks ago

West Way Club is a great place. Beautiful dance floor, 

Em-em Geee 20 weeks ago

A very nice club for dancing. Very reasonable admission price which include dinner and unlimited coffee and tea.

manuela moldovan 30 weeks ago

Very pleasant atmosphere, very good DJ, knowing the crowd, a lot of room for dancing, lovely.